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Timebanking 101

Community members interested in joining the TimeBank meet with a Coordinator to set up an online account and to learn about how use the TimeBank software and access services. Offers and wants posted by members of the TimeBank community appear on our website and can be searched through a database, as well as opportunities to be involved in projects and attend community events. When a member is interested in making an exchange with another member, he or she makes contact to arrange the service exchange - to offer or request services - phone and email are the most typical ways that members contact each other. 

  • Members agree to exchange at the rate of one hour service = one timebank hour.
  • Either the recipient or provider of services can log the exchange in the TimeBank system using a computer or smart phone. When an exchange is recorded, the other member receives an email as confirmation. 
  • Members who do not use the internet can be matched with a "online member" to help them make better use to the timebank system. 

If any errors occur in recording the transaction or you need online assistance, please contact a TimeBank Coordinator. If you need help getting a response to an request or offer, please feel free to let us know - we broadcast unique and urgent requests-offers in weekly member emails. Our coordinators can also provide other tips to make connections, if needed.  For general assistance, please call (608) 663-0400.

Learn more about DCTB

  • Attend a TimeBank Event to meet other members and to learn about timebanking.
  • Review video tutorials to get a feel for using our website.
  • Check out the Dane County TimeBank in the News to learn more about our impact locally and how we are helping to build capacity in Dane County.
  • Ready to join the TimeBank?  Click here.
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Dane County TimeBank:  Overview, By-laws, Vision