Youth Court & Restorative Justice

Providing positive alternative to the juvenile justice system so youth can willingly take responsibility for their actions, make amends and build healthy and productive relationships. Working with law enforcement, schools, and neighborhood groups; youth in the program can contribute to a safer, more caring community.


The TimeBank transportation project aims to create pools of drivers who are interested in helping members with various types of transportation needs including rides to medical appointments, restorative justice and youth court related rides, social/recreational rides, errands, rides to work, and more.  When someone has a ride need we try to match them with an available driver.  This works best when it is planned in advance.  The TimeBank is always looking to increase our driver pool to increase our chances of being able to find an available driver.  Approved drivers can e

The Wellness Project

The Wellness Project is a collaborative effort of the Dane County TimeBank and community partners dedicated to providing opportunities to improve the health of our community through quality meals, companionship, information to enable healthy living, and access to essential services.

Neighborhood Care Teams

Neighborhood Care Teams gather the available resources in an area to help people meet their basic needs - such as assistance around the house, access to healthy food, help with transportation, companionship, and other basic services. We are increasing our capacity to connect neighbors with neighbors in a network of mutual support. In 2013, an initiative was begun in Sun Prairie and the surrounding area to build a model for Neighborhood Care Teams that can be used in other communities.

Maxine's TimeBank Store

Maxine's TimeBank Store is a place to exchange TimeBank Hours for new and gently-used clothing, toys, books, dishes, jewelry, home decor, equipment, supplies, and more. All are welcome to shop! Donations also welcome - please drop off your gently-used items to exchange for TimeBank credit. 

Maxine's is currently located in the heart of the Allied Dunn's Marsh Neighborhood at 2225 Allied Drive. Current store hours:

Inclusive Community

Healthy Community Economy

or... The Birth of Mutual Aid Networks (MANs)

Since 2011, the Dane County TimeBank – joining forces with Madison Hours – has been evaluating how we can better apply cooperative economic tools to strengthen our local communities. We are currently working on ways to connect timebanking and mutual credit with other types of cooperative resource management to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of these systems, while building economic and social benefits for the community.

Front Yard Gardens


Gardens Everywhere for Everyone!

The Front Yard Garden Project was started in 2013, organized by a group of motivated community members interested in sharing time and resources to build garens where ground was otherwise being unused - front yards, back yards, terrace areaa, and other open space. 

Allied Community Coop

The Allied Community Coop is a project of residents of Madison's Allied Drive neighborhood and organizational partners, including Allied Wellness Center, Madison Apprenticeship Program, Allied-Dunns Marsh Neighborhood Association, Dunns Marsh Neighborhood Association, the Dane County TimeBank, and Nehemiah Corporation. The coop is bringing together neighbors and organizations who work in the neighborhood to work together as partners in identifying and creating resources and activities that people want for their community.