Everywhere Gardens: The People’s Produce

Everywhere Gardens: The People's Produce.  Gardens Everywhere for Everyone! This project involves everything from sharing land for gardening, to building gardens, to garden maintenance and harvest, to produce collection and re-distribution. It's expansive and it's abundant, let's dig in!

The TimeBank's Garden Project was started in 2013, organized by a group of motivated community members interested in sharing time and resources to build gardens where ground was otherwise being unused - front yards, back yards, terrace areas, and other open space. The focus of the project evolves each year. This year we are teaming up with partners to build on our past garden projects to create more abundance and add a food collection and redistribution component. We're also using more permaculture.

Interested in being part of the working groups helping to organize the effort to cultivate, maintain, harvest and redistribute food?  Reach out at info@danecountytimebank.org