The TimeBank transportation project aims to create pools of drivers who are interested in helping members with various types of transportation needs including rides to medical appointments, restorative justice and youth court related rides, social/recreational rides, errands, rides to work, and more.  When someone has a ride need we try to match them with an available driver.  This works best when it is planned in advance.  The TimeBank is always looking to increase our driver pool to increase our chances of being able to find an available driver.  Approved drivers can earn gas cards for every 100 miles they drive.

Medical Transportation

Drivers for medical transportation help those people in need of rides for health related appointments access safe, affordable transport. Drivers receive TimeBank hours for their time driving and can earn gas cards for every 100 miles driven. In collaboration with Dane County Transportation Services and local health providers, medical transportation fills gaps in services for those needing access to regular medical appointments who have limited personal or financial resources. The focus of this program has been to find transportation solutions for people living outside the city of Madison where public options for transportation are limited and rides cover a longer distance; however, all Dane County residents are eligible for services.

Details of Medical Driving

  • Weekly rides are provided for those needing transportation to regular, reoccuring medical treatment, for example dialysis. We may be a resource to help those who need to access other medical appointments with less predictable schedules. 
  • Many clients in need of services live in the communities outlying the Madison metropolitan area, including (but not limited to) Sun Prairie, Waunakee, Stoughton, McFarland, and Oregon.
  • We provide a bulk of service to two main dialysis centers in Dane County located just outside of Fitchburg.  A smaller center is located on Madison's far east side close to Sun Prairie. Non-dialysis rides are provided at various health centers in the city of Madison, primarily.
  • Drivers pick up client at their home and bring them to their appointment at the dialysis center OR pick-up at dialysis center to return home - sometimes taking more than one rider. Some drivers commit to one or more ride in a week, and are matched based on schedule compatibility and geography. 
  • Non-dialysis rides are matched with drivers who can not commit to weekly rides, but are available to help fill-in when needed. Drivers commit to bringing to the appointment and the return ride home (sometimes waiting with the client), and are matched based on schedule compatibility and geography.
  • Clients will be released to a driver only if in safe, medical condition.  Some clients have additonal health needs or use a wheelchair/ walker.  Drivers are provided with necessary details, and matched with riders who they feel they can transport safely and comfortably.
  • There are rare instances where we are unable to match a rider with a driver due to low number of available drivers or other factors

Benefits for Drivers

  • Maintain a regular schedule providing an invaluable service to strengthen our community
  • Meet new and interesting people - have a great conversation or be a quiet presence
  • Make new friends with unexpected people
  • Earn TimeBank Hours for your time providing transportation and waiting at medical appointments
  • $20 gas card for every 100 miles of wellness-focused transportation you provide

Requirements for Drivers

  • You are extremely reliable
  • You have your own vehicle in safe, operating condition
  • You carry automobile insurance with state minimums
  • You are willing to complete background screening and driving record check **
  • You are patient, kind, and have a comfort with a variety of people
  • For more information or to become a driver, please email our Transportation Coordinator at, or call 608-663-0400.

** We can not approve drivers with a record of multiple OWIs, reckless driving, or more than 90-day revocation of license. A criminal history of major theft, fraud, sexual or physical abuse especially of vulnerable persons is also prohibited for drivers in this program.

Requirements for Passengers

  • It is not necessary to be a member of the TimeBank to recieve medical rides; however riders must be approved by Dane County Transportation Services. Please call 608-242-6489 to see if you qualify for medical transportation with DCTB.
  • If you are a member of the TimeBank, you may contact other members to arrange transportation for any of your needs, medical, pharmacy, recreation, activities, or other medical. Please call 608-663-0400 to sign up as a TimeBank member.
  • Passengers with folding wheelchairs, walkers, or canes can be transported by some of our drivers - we currently are not able to transport motorized wheel chairs or scooters.
  • Passenger must be in stable medical condition when recieving rides. Drivers have the right to decline service if a passenger is not able to be transported safely or needs medical attention.

For more information about TimeBank transportation programs, please email our Transportation Coordinator at, or call 608-663-0400.

  Receiving Service:  Arranging Transportation with the TimeBank

  • Please consider the TimeBank Medical Transportation program as an option for helping to meet transportation needs for medical appointments. Our main focus has been providing transportation to rural dialysis patients, providing assistance with transportation when family, friends, or other resources are not available. We may have the capacity to help with other medical appointments, please inquire about available service.
  • TimeBank drivers must pass all background screening requirements, carry state insurance minimums, and follow all traffic laws when transporting riders.
  • All rides are non-smoking and require passengers wear a seatbelt. We are not able to transport power wheelchairs, although some drivers are able to manage folding wheelchairs, walkers, or similar mobility devices. Please indicate specific needs when making a referral or requesting service.
  • TimeBank members are reimbursed for gas and given time credit by the Dane County TimeBank for their service transporting clients - TimeBank drivers are never paid by the client, nor are riders billed for services. It is not necessary for riders to be members of the Dane County TimeBank to receive services, although all people are welcome to join, if interested. For general information about TimeBank membership call 608.663.0400. 
  • It may take a month or more to make an appropriate match with an available driver(s) - please have an alternative while a match is made. Rides that cover great distances or that are at odd hours typically are more difficult to schedule, but may be possible - please, indicate all days and times rides are needed when making a referral or requesting service. Passengers approved for medical transportation are subject to approval by Dane County Transportation Service. Please call 608-242-6489 to learn if you qualify.
  • Drivers are volunteers who are committed to a regular schedule, but may not be able to help beyond their current schedule. Please contact the TimeBank Coordinator to make a referral, schedule additional rides, or to discuss services: email or call 608-663-0400.

If you'd like to be approved as a medical driver please fill out this application and return by email to or by mail to Dane County Timebank, 1202 Williamson Street, #107, Madison 53703.